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Talk About Safety

Talk About Safety


The majority of accidents within the workplace can be attributed to the 'human factor' meaning they are caused by a direct or indirect action from a person. Promoting safe behaviour at work is a critical part of the management of Health and Safety. Steeledge first introduced its behavioural safety / human performance program in July 2015.

The Steeledge behavioural safety programme involves workplace observations of all personnel identifying positive and negative behaviours with information being inputted into the Steeledge database for analysis. Trends of behaviours can then be determined and learning cascaded to all personnel within the company, with the outcome of learning from previous experience and therefore preventing similar behaviours.

Steeledge encourages everyone to make a deeper personal commitment to think and act safely, so our people return home safely each day and that those visiting or living near our places of work are not put at risk, by our acts or omissions.

Those employees identified working in a safe manner are praised for their positive attitude and monthly incentive awards are held across all sites. Two employees are selected for their continuous safe working during each year and they are crowned 'Safety Champions' and receive special awards.

Those employees identified working in an unsafe manner were corrected through the Steeledge process. We intervened and worked as a team to correct negative behaviour, thus preventing an accident / incident potentially occurring, ultimately making the workplace a safer one for everyone.

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