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Scaffolding Products

Professionals at Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC are adept at providing quality range of scaffolding products engineered to meet simple and complicated construction needs in Dubai (UAE). Our reputation as the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding units has remained unscathed since our inception thanks to the efficient, profitable and safe construction solutions designed by us.

The scaffolding products thus offered by us are the right combination of quality, performance and cost effectiveness. The bouquet of scaffolding products offered by us has been offered below:

Scaffolding Fittings

  • Scaffolding Pipes & Tubes
  • Cuplock Scaffolding
  • Kwikstage Scaffold system
  • Steel Frames
  • Steel Props
  • Jacks & Base Plate (base Jack/ U jack/ Universal Jack)
  • Wooden Scaffold Boards
  • Steel Scaffold Board / Plank / Batten
  • Aluminium Scaffold Tower
  • Access Ladders
  • Stair Case Tower
  • Formwork System
  • Scaffolding Accessories

Technical Specification of our Scaffolding Products

Steel Scaffold Board Plank Batten

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC is adept at offering a wide array of strong and durable Steel Scaffold Board Planks that are extensively used in the construction industry. These planks are generally used for connecting variant scaffolding items and structures. more...

Jacks and Base Plate

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC leverages on its proficiency to fabricate a wide variety of jack and base plates including base Jack, U jack/ Universal Jacks among others. The products are engineered under the strict supervision of the competent quality analyzers. Jacks and Base Plate (base Jack/ U jack/ Universal Jack) more...

Wooden Scaffold Boards

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC is counted amongst the most renowned Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of wooden scaffold boards in Dubai (UAE). Our technological precision has enabled us to craft quality wooden boards that are almost devoid of splits and warps. more...

Steel Frames

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC manufactures, supplies and exports first-rate steel frames for public structures in Dubai. more...

Steel Props

Steel Props remain a very important part of our versatile product portfolio. Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC is backed by the services of credentialed quality analyzers and craftsmen, who ensure that the products thus rendered, meet the global quality standards with ease. more...

Scaffolding Fittings

Access a wide array of first rate scaffolding fitting products like scaffolding tubes, clamps, Swivel Couplers, forged steel clips, prop jack nuts among others from the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of construction units in the construction industry. We are dedicated to offering superior range of scaffolding fittings in Dubai within comprehensive price bracket. more...

Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC has gained a prominence when it comes to offering high grade scaffolding pipes and tubes to the construction industry in Dubai UAE. The tubes offered by us have found applicability both in places where lightweight and heavy loads need to be carried. Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC has consistently offered quality pipes and tubes to contractors of repute. more...

Cuplock Scaffolding

The cuplock units make for a crucial element in the construction industry and we specialize in designing quality cuplock scaffoldingsystems that are widely used by contractors across Dubai (UAE). As one of the most prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of the cuplock units, we are committed to offering you products with a string of desirable qualities as mentioned below: more...

Kwikstage Scaffold system

Professionals at Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC have drawn their expertise from their years of experience in manufacturing and supplying quality Kwikstage scaffold items to the contractors in Dubai (UAE) and exporting the same outside as well. Thanks to their unparalleled dexterity, today we are counted amongst the most reputable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Kwikstage Scaffold system in Dubai (UAE). more...

Aluminium Scaffold Tower

The dexterous workforce of Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC combines superior craftsmanship with technological refinement to fabricate quality Aluminium Scaffold Tower with variant finishes. The products are procured from high grade raw materials and demonstrate desirable qualities like toughness, high durability, optimum performance and resistance to corrosion. more...

Access Ladders

Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC is backed by the services of professionals who are well aware of the complex needs of the construction industry. As such, the range of safe and durable Access Ladders offered by us, has gained unparalleled traction in the construction industry. Based in Dubai (UAE), we (the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding and other construction products) bring to you a diverse gamut of access ladders utilized to secure access to handrail systems and staging. more...

Stair Case Tower

Are you looking forward to secure premium stair case towers, engineered to deliver high performanceSteeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC can help you. We are one of the esteemed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding stair case tower manufacturers in Dubai (UAE). more...

Formwork System

Aluminum formwork systems are utilized for rendering columns, walls, beams and slabs in monolith casting. Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC offers quality Formwork Systems to the construction industry. We have successfully lived up to our reputation as trustworthy Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of scaffolding units in Dubai (UAE) thanks to the unassailable quality of our products and our inherent values. more...

Scaffolding Accessories

When it comes to scaffolding accessories, trust us! We have all you need at “Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLC”! We carry everything from caster wheels, ladders, and jacks to base plates and arms. more...

Pushpull Props

Pushpull Props are used for the vertical alignment and to transfer the wind loads from wall and column formwork. They have been designed particularly to deliver a longer service life, more...

Aluminium Formwork

Aluminium Formwork System is a construction system for forming cast in place concrete structure of a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placement and mechanical and electrical conduits. more...

Shuttering Plywood

Film face shuttering plywood is a product for high-end construction uses. The phenol film plywood has a glossy surface, which gives the product long life and great value in terms of re-use. more...
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